I spent all my life in the ” Music Industry ” as a Pro DJ and Music producer  , I  understand and respect the roles of turntables and CDJs, but I consider the mixer the final and most important “tool” in the mix chain, where DJs can truly express their skills and emotions.  , this is the reason that I’m a big passionate about Mixers.

I start years ago designing and producing the SP3 with double Isolators , followed by the SP4 and the SP2 ….the SP6  ( just  prototype )  , and now after a long break it was time to build somethings special and new , stay tuned for the new Audio-DJ products.

SP ( Steve Paradise )


O-Ring in silicone sono una parte soggetta a deterioramento , stabilirne la loro durata è difficile ed è per questo che non è possibile fornire il mixer di uno o più  KIT di ricambio , ma la buona notizia è che hanno un costo irrisorio e sono di facile reperibilità , ad ogni modo Audio-DJ è disponibile a garantirvi questa parte in garanzia a vita.

O-Ring are a part subject to deterioation , establishing their duration is difficult and that is why it is not possible supply the mixer with one or more spare KITS, anyway the good news is that they have negligible cost and are really easy to find it , howewer Audio-DJ is available to guarantee you this part under a lifetime warranty.


New cable available

SP2  new layout

Another new super layout for the SP2 , hope ypou like it

ISO box it’s a full analog isolator


SP2 it’s a full analog two channels portable DJ mixer .

The ” ROCKBAG ” optional ask about availability and price