The new SP2 it’s a basic two channels rotary mixer , CH 1 and CH2 are a switchable Phono / Line channels , both of them have a HPF ( Hight pass fiter ) to be used during the mixing or as effect , CH 1 and CH2 have the SEND / RETURN option to connect easily the mixer an external FX machine.
The new SP2 have a new ISOLATOR , frequency’s crossover is 310Hz . 3.10KHz 24db/octave +12db of Boosting.
Three outputs : Master Out with XLR neutrik and RCA connectors – Booth Out with XLR neutrik connectors , and another auxiliar Outputs wit RCA connectors that can be used as Recording outputs with a own Volume Knob.
Microphone with XLR neutrik connector – CUE / MIX function – LED VU Meters switchable from CH1 – Master and CH2.
100% full analog with the best electronics components from : Texas Instruments – TDK – Panasonic – Samsung  – Vishay – ALPS –
All potentiometers used  are RK27 from ALPS Japan to have the maximum reliability over the time .
Original solid aluminium Knobs with a rubber ring to have the right ” feeling touch ” , off course the ring can be easily changed , light aluminium case to be more portable , solid walnut wod to have a ” vintage ” look but with innovative touch.
Audio-DJ  is synonymous with quality, refinement of materials and components , assembled by hand and with a strong Italian taste.

SIZE : 27 x 25 x 11 Cm with out wod – 30 x 27 x 11 wod version
WEIGHT : 4,3Kg
PRICE 1.500 € 

this is a quality handcraft Mixer so the price can’t be really cheap …..the effect of the pandemic has raised the prices of all components and materials , logistic transport etc etc , Audio-DJ always try to keep the maximun balance from quality and price.


* Knobs have diferent size and diferent colors , ask about availability to personalize your SP2 – About O-Ring it’s a parts subject to deterioration , anyway they have lifetime guarantee.

Keep safe your eqipment with this Rockbag , ask about availibility and price .