This is a BIG update for my first ever SP mixer , first of all it come from an modular project , the main pannel it’s not modular for an easy reason …..lot of modular panel = mechanical troubles and also for my ” aestethical taste ” ….this is an DJ mixer not an ” eurorack synt ” …. anyway inside it’s full modular and this is a big step forward , expecially for  ” customer service ”  ,  also for to get a future upgrade.

The previous model it was a ” 2 channels and half ”  because the 3th channels have an small frequency controll , now the 3th channel have a double filters , LPF and an HPF , that it’s really funny play with it and made a super frequency controll ….really near to the ISOLATOR .

Each channel have SEND/RETURN but it was improved with the LOOP circuit and , to my modest opinion it’s better for an DJ use than SEND/RETURN that I consider more ” Studio Recordings skill ” …..so you can easyly link your external FX controll before Master out and get all FX on Master , Booth and also Rec out .

Each channels can be Phono or Line or Microfon and each channels have Stereo led meters to check the signal IN , each channel have a special link where you can decide the frequency controll you want ….ISOLATOR ( 3 BAND CROSS OVER ) LPF + HPF ( low pass filter + High pass filter ) or just one of that.

 CUE selection with an italy handcraft rotary switch , channels 1-2-3- and also RTN ( Return ) to hear the FX before put out , but it’s also available the standard Cue selection with button

Analog VU meter for the Master Out , but if you prefer it’s possible have an Stereo 10 Led meters too -About potentiometers it have the ALPS RK 27 for ISOLATOR and FILTERS , and Channels Volume but if you prefer can be mounted everywere , for all output it was mounted a standard metal pot …..and if you like the ” old HiFi volume control ….there is another choise for you , the alps RK16 with 32 steps , so when you turn the knob ….you are open the ” money safe ” ( I suggest this kind only for the output volume knobs as Master – Booth – Rec – Headphone volume – Mic Volume )

The new ” Star ” knob with several colors will give your personal taste at your SP ….as the main and back panel , of course full alluminium to have an lighter machine and have a better ” heat dispersion ”

The case it’s in a full walnut wood …..why wood ? because the wood it’s the best material for the musical instruments ….because when you touch it ….. you feel good , and of course because it’s an natural things.

Another small ( but not irrilevant ) upgrade was the antivibrations plugs , below and inside where the cards rest ……..from my personal experience , travelling with plane or trolley it’s dangerous so better have all the necessary precautions.

Technical details :

Price :2.450,00€

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