EvA it’s an analogue FX machine with Delay session – Reverber session – Filter Cut off plus Resonance.
The Delay have 6 positions and a TAP Tempo to link it with the right BPM but it’s also possible do it manually via Rate potentiometer. The Delay have a special button for  ” temporary ” use to have a fast effect .  ON and OFF if you press and release it.
Reverber session and Delay session it’s provided with 2 filters , BASS and TREBLE where it’s possible split the effect on the Bass frequency or High frequency or booth …..this give you an really creative and innovative way to use the FX when you play it.
EvA allows you controll the signal IN and the signal OUT and make also the PAN POT from R and L.
The rear panel have a balanced and unbalanced connector and the power plug.
Amazing walnut wood case , full aluminium knobs , and aluminium panel.

Dimension :

Price : 980,00€