About us






I spent all my life in the ” Music Industry ” being a Pro DJ for long time , the Mixer is the “machine ” where the DJ make not only a mixing but he can do somethings else ….Turntables ….CDs ….is the way how to play Music but the Mixer is the way where any DJ can do more , this is the reason that I’m passionate about Mixers.

I start years ago designing and producing the SP3 with double Isolators , and after , it came the SP4 and the SP2 ….the SP6 just on prototype.
After a break , I came back again to show the new UPGRADE , I always was looking to made somethings special , with a quality in terms of Sound and Components and also new Tecnology ….because we are on 2021 ( with all my respect of the past ) I love 100% analogue stuff but  with the best improvements that technology can give us.

SP  ( Steve Paradise )